Inspiration Spring

It seemed like this winter would never end. While the dustings of snow where lovely, the return of spring was a very welcome sight.

On a teasingly warm day, I spotted these lovelies on the way to the glass studio:

CrocusAnd made a new Threads vase in their honor:

Violet with Yellow Threads Vase by Wunder Around detail with flowers

Then the little cherry tree in our front yard reached peek bloom. And all the bees paid a visit.
Cherry Blossom

Their cheerful color and flight just begged to be recreated.Bumble Bee Threads Bowl by Wunder Around

The brown shoreline gave way to lush green against brilliant blue at Lake Artemesia. Lake Artemesia in spring

And I tried for those colors with Duos and Threads.Emerald and Demin Duo by Wunder Around

Blue Blown Glass Vase with Green Threads by Wunder Around

The woods filled with every shade of green.


Shades of Green Duo Globe by Wunder Around

The dandelions came out to play.IMG_3560

Dandy Lion Threads Vase by Wunder Around

And the tulips glowed amid the April showers.IMG_3618

Lemon and Lime Duo Bowl by Beth Hess_Wunder Around with berries

Yellow and Blue Duo by Wunder Around

Golden Aqua Duo by Wunder Around

See these new spring inspired pieces in my studio this Saturday during the Open House and Open Studio at DC GlassWorks in Hyattsville from 12:00 to 5:00 pm.


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