so much wonder around

Forgive me, it’s been awhile–I didn’t realize how much wonder I had to share. It really is all around us–morning, noon and night. This is a bit of what I’ve had the privilege to see since mid-December in the order that it crossed my path.

gray and pink and subtle blue sunrise

Bright winter sun on the lake

tornado sunset on Christmas night

heart created by mud and ice

front garden heavy with snow

gazebo in winter sun and snow

sunset trees

icicles on bridge

bird flying through sunrise

sunset over the tower

Tall trees at sunset on the road to Durham.

ice and tree along the shore

old tree up a small hill

bird tracks in snow

lonely snowy bench

cloud bank fuchsia sunrise

Tree trail

patterns on a frozen pond

vibrant veggies

midnight snow

encased in ice

most excellent log

light through the end of the skein

Blue skies for the Bromo Seltzer Tower

That was rather a lot of photos for one post, but I was afraid I’d forget something if I broke things up. If you enjoyed these and like to spend time on Twitter or Instagram, you can follow along with me there as well.


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