Sights & Sounds of the Glass Studio

There’s a reason a glassblowing studio is also called a hot shop. The glass is hot, the tools can get hot and, well, so do you.

The heat may just be the first thing you experience when walking inside. But, it’s not the only thing happening.

gloryhole heat

Listen closely and you’ll hear the roar of the furnace and the gloryholes.  Look around to find the flames of the pipe warmer, heating the tips of the blowpipes and punty rods.

And then there’s the water. It’s helping to cool your pipes, keep your shaping tools (blocks and paper) in order and chill/shock the glass (or your hand!) at just the right point. Often cold to the touch, it’s quick to bubble and boil. Or just steam, steam away.

bubbling glass

Check out this little video to see and hear for yourself. And remember, when in the hot shop, it might not be okay to touch.

This is the latest in a series of posts showing the behind the scenes of what it takes to make something by hand. Explore other posts in the series. Questions about the tools or process? Let me know in the comments!

"what it takes to make" series by Wunder AroundAnd special thanks to Tiffany Han, Rachel Cole and More Shenanigans, Please for inspiring this post and the reminder to experience (and enjoy!) the world around us with all our senses.


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