Meet the Wunder Birds!


You’ve seen them. Along the sidewalk’s edge, in the flowerbed, high overhead. Little birds chirp chirping as they peck and forage. I like to think they’re excited–exclaiming about a choice berry, crunchy beetle or perfect little twig to take back to their nest. They’re a good reminder that the little things can be wonderful.

Wouldn’t you love to take one inside with you? To have this little friend hang out on your desk, nightstand or sunny windowsill? Me too!

Meet the Wunder Birds!

Meet the Wunder Birds by Wunder Around

Individually hot sculpted, starting with a gather of clear glass from a 2080 degree furnace in Hyattsville, Md. Each has its own fiber accessory crocheted on the go. Handmade by me, reminding us to look up, down and maybe on the ground to find the wonder around.

flock of Wunder Birds by Wunder Around

This little flock is headed with me to NPR’s headquarters on Wednesday (December 11) for All Crafts Considered. Then we’re traveling south to Richmond on Saturday (December 14) for the Richmond Craft Mafia’s Handmade Holiday.

holding a Wunder Bird by Wunder Around

Who’s ready to make an adoption?


2 thoughts on “Meet the Wunder Birds!

  1. Hi! I meet you at the Eastern Market today. (I bought the little pink wunder bird for my daughter). She LOVES it! She has already made her a nest. Your artwork is beautiful.

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