learning curve

I tried my first double color drop (picking up two different pieces of color bar and applying them as one) with my lava platter and loved the result. Of course, that meant I had to try it again. And with a different color.

The first attempt was not quite what I had in mind. While the black and blue looked gorgeous together, the black was a bit too dominate.


But, the swirls that appeared where the colors danced and flirted together was a nice surprise.

IMG_3915My second go with this duo was a hit. The finished piece may be one of the largest I’ve ever made.

Inspiration Iceland: Glacier by Wunder AroundThe perfect compliment to my Glacier Bowl.

Inspiration Iceland: Glacier Duo by Wunder AroundMy love affair with Iceland and the double color drop continued, so I had to try it again. This time with the endless lava fields and their blanket of moss as my inspiration.

Lava Field

lava fieldAgain on my first try, the black was too much–turning my green muddy instead of letting it shine.


The second time was a hit…

Inspiration Iceland: Lava Field platter by Wunder Around

…as was its companion globe (on the second try).

Inspiration Iceland: Lava Field Duo by Wunder Around


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