Inspiration Iceland: Wool

It’s impossible to stroll the streets of downtown Reykjavík and not notice the wool. Yes, there are many shops filled with sweaters aimed at tourists, but I also spotted at least three vendors in the Kolaportid Flea Market stitching behind their tables.

When I saw a store devoted to wool goods, I couldn’t resist a visit. At first I thought the room to the side was the stockroom for the store, but the friendly clerk (knitting behind the register), was happy to point out the room full of yarn was for shopping.

Reykjavík yarn storeThe wall of woolen wheels was particularly mesmerizing.

Reykjavík woolAfter much debate, and then a return trip before we’d gotten a full block away to buy more, I went home with six wheels of my own–three of my husband’s choosing and three for me. Work on his souvenir scarf is underway.

Icelandic wool--scarf in progress


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