My colorful bag of squares has taken shape. Small squares became bigger squares.

four square diamonds

Then joined together to make diamonds.colorful diamondsThen fit together to cover the base–and connect with the globe.

Generations by Beth Hess

Just in time for the artdc Gallery 18″ x 18″ Show.detail of Generations by Beth Hess

I called the finished piece, “Generations.” detail of Generations by Beth HessMy grandmother first taught me to crochet and the granny square is my go-to when I need something new to make. It’s portable and lets me experiment with new colors and textures.

I pieced the individual squares together much like my mother joins pieces of cotton to form colorful quilts.

And the color inspiration itself came from the threads I’d created in glass–my contribution to these generations of craft.

See the finished piece alongside the work of many talented local artists in a variety of media through May 26 at the artdc Gallery


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