Chasing Sunrise

A year ago, this beautiful morning greeted me. It seems I’ve been chasing it since. How could I recreate those magnificent colors and textures in glass?

I started with a mix of powdered and fritted glass in pinks with a scattering of blue that disappeared when combined. Then I tried deeper shades of each color applied as bands with a bit of a swirl to bring them together.

Flattened sunrise vases by Wunder AroundWhile the result was lovely, it wasn’t there yet. On my last two trips to the studio, I’ve experimented with a random–but deliberate–scatter of frit.

Swirls of fritOn the first application, I applied two colors to a clear bubble. On the second, I tried two colors over a white powder bubble. On the third, I tried a pale blue base with a scattering of white powder, followed by separate layers of color.

Chasing Sunrise Trio by Wunder AroundI think I like the white base best.

Chasing Sunrise Trio by Wunder AroundNext up, adding that glow of golden to the base.


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