Phew. December has been a bit of a blur. The lead up to my week-long road trip to Chicago was an adventure all its own. Then there was the drive, the show and the drive back home. Followed by an Open House at DC GlassWorks and the whirlwind of the holidays! Before the year gets away from me, I wanted to share a recap of the show I spent quite a few posts talking about!

First up is a big thanks: to everyone who visited the Wunder Around booth at the One of a Kind Show and Sale Chicago, Etsy and the One of a Kind Show organizers for making the Etsy Artist Pavilion and my space in it possible, friends and family for their support in this my biggest show yet, and my husband for flying out to Chicago to help me man the booth and make the long-drive home (and putting up with the inevitable chaos of life pre- and post-show).

Before I get too deep into details: this was the 13th Annual One of a Kind Show and Sale Chicago with more than 600 artists sharing their creations with more than 60,000 visitors over four days. I was one of nearly 30 artists selected for the Etsy Artist Pavilion–first timers to the show, who sell on Etsy and occupied 5′ x 5′ spaces within a special section of the massive show floor.

The Journey:

I loaded everything needed to make the 5 x 5 space my own and as much of my blown glass as I could into the car and set out from just outside Washington, D.C. after work on the Monday night.

on the road to Chicago

I made it to Breezewood, Pa., before stopping for some much needed sleep. The next day I drove more than 600 miles–across Ohio and along the top of Indiana before reaching my destination. I got off the mega highway for awhile in hopes of seeing some kitschy Americana. Farms were the most prevalent attraction, although I did pass one place I hope to visit on a future roadtrip: Grandpa’s Cheese Barn.

Ohio barns

I chatted with a very friendly tollbooth operator along the Ohio Turnpike who wished me good luck with my show and saw a spectacular sunset over Indiana.

sunset over Indiana

And then I found Chicago! Thankfully, my hotel was just across the street from the Merchandise Mart–the 8th floor of which would be the home of the show. Time for more sleep before load-in in the morning.

Merchandise Mart

My Booth:

Here’s a look at how I made a 5 x 5 space my own.


Display pieces and goods unloaded

display pieces in place

Display pieces in place

unloaded pieces

Unpacking and finding a home for pieces

Wunder Around at One of a Kind Show and Sale

All set up

Wunder Around from the One of a Kind Show and Sale Chicago floor courtesy of SizzleStrapz!


I spent my days inside the Merchandise Mart, but luckily Chicago is a gorgeous city to explore by night.



I ate some good food and took many more pictures (a few of which are posted here). I made it home safely a week and 1,501 miles later with less in the car than I brought with me. I met some super-nice people along the way and am thankful to have had the experience.


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