Stu, Stu, Studio!

I don’t know that it will ever be “done,” so it’s time to share some pictures and exciting news. I’ve got a studio space!

I do the bulk of my work using the public access facilities of DC GlassWorks and Sculpture Studios in Hyattsville, Md. And now, you won’t just find me there blowing glass–you can take a look inside the studio space that I’m sharing with my favorite glassblowing partner, the talented Leo Lex (you should check out his work).

DC GlassWorks’ physical space has doubled since August, which paved the way for a dedicated (public access) metal working space and seven new private artist studios (like ours). You can check it all out on October 27 during our BIG Open House.

The space Leo and I share formerly housed half of the metal working equipment in a space behind the glass working facilities. Once all the equipment got cleared out, it was time to do some scrubbing and making the space our own. Here are a few post-metal, pre-studio shots:

And here’s a glimpse of those same walls today:

The glass you see is a mix of work by Leo and me–I love seeing all the colors together! A huge thanks to Leo for building the shelves and creating the mural (to name just a few things)! You can check it all out in person on October 27!


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