Chicago bound

Well, not right now, but in December! I’m super excited to have been accepted to take part in the Etsy Artist Pavilion at the One of a Kind Show and Sale Chicago. And it’s officially, official because I’ve got my booth assignment–#8-10EP.

I must admit, it’s a little scary. This is my biggest show ever. It provides four days of shopping (December 6 through 9), includes more than 600 artists and attracts 60,000 shoppers. Oh, and it’s some 700 miles away from my home in Maryland.

But scary is good, right? Right! I’ve got an initial sketch of how I might transform 25 sq feet of booth space into my own, thoughts on how to transport myself and my glass a quarter of the way across the country, and I’ve started making some new pieces specifically for this show. The to do is growing, but that’s okay (for now!).

If you’d like to make plans to see me there, I have a coupon code good for two free tickets to share–just leave me a comment or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter and I’ll hook you up!


4 thoughts on “Chicago bound

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