My posts have been a bit sparse lately—both in frequency and content. I think there have been so many small things happening, that I didn’t know quite what to share. To keep things simple, I’ll start with some highlights from the past few weeks.

World Wide Knit in Public Day happened. Although, I discovered that it was actually a week (not just a day) and that it was okay to crochet. So I did. Outside of Artomatic. On the metro. And even on the sidewalk while I waited for a ride. And then I successfully assembled all the granny squares I crocheted  (something I haven’t done in a really long time) and finished a baby blanket in time to gift it to a colleague.

I visited every floor of Artomatic. With a 1,000+ artists spread over 11 floors, it was a bit overwhelming to take in—even over multiple visits. I saw too many things I loved to name just a few, but I also came away knowing we are all surrounded by truly talented people.

I drove my motorcycle to a scooter rally for the third time. The stress of taking some major highways was nicely balanced with the beautiful scenery and delish Kiwanis Club chicken we got to sample along the way. Not to mention the ocean, lighthouse and nice people at the rally!

I shot three rolls of film (yes, film) with three different types of 35mm camera. I’ll save the pictures themselves for their own post.

I’ve been taking lots of photos and doing lots of measuring of my glass—and loading up my Etsy shop with a few of my favorite blown glass pieces to share with you. And I’ve had the pleasure of making custom pieces on my last few trips to the studio.

It’s been really hot in DC. We’ve learned what a “derecho” is and cleaned out our fridge after a multi-day power outage.

We attended a beautiful (and fun) wedding reception that featured lots of fabulous handmade accents (more pics to come in that upcoming film post).

I caught the dogs napping in the car and looking super cute.

Our tomatoes are getting ripe–beating the squirrels to them is the daily challenge.

And I’m working on some new pieces for an upcoming show (details to come) and prepping for a craft market in DC on Saturday!

More frequent—and meaty—posts headed your way soon!


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