Artomatic: what’s on display

I’ve talked more than a few times about preparations and installation for my first Artomatic display, but neglected to share more about what you’ll find there. You can see for yourself through June 23, but here’s a mini tour in the meantime.

I have three sets of work on display–each with elements or accents of fiber to compliment or accompany blown glass.

First, the trees. I’ve been working on creating four “Seasons of Trees” in blown glass and am sharing two at Artomatic. “Fall” features two trees bursting with firey orange canopies. The trunks combine glass color in powder and frit to give the illusion of texture and bark.

“Spring” features a trio of trees with bright green canopies that have some room yet to grow. Glass frit lends color to both the top and trunk.

To accent my trees and add a bit of texture to my sky backdrop I crocheted two rounds using some yarn you’ve seen before–the Jupiter Moon Chadwick yarn in “Clean Sheet” from my trip to The Knitting Boutique and a (gorgeous!) azul blue worsted, kettle dyed merino wool by MalabrigoYARN from my second stop on the Metro Yarn Crawl. This blue yarn was also the inspiration for the accent paint in my display. The largest round measures just over 14 inches. And with each round, I’m actually displaying the “wrong” side–it just has a cleaner texture and pattern that seemed fitting.

On the same wall, you’ll find my second set of work–“Colorful Shadows.”

More than a year ago I traveled to Etsy headquarters in New York to deliver my Inspiration Earth Blown Glass vase for the final round of judging in the Etsy and NASA Space Craft Contest. After making my delivery, I stopped in to a second hand bookstore just around the corner and discovered a fabulous book on Modern Bohemian Glass. I’m in love with many of the shapes I found inside. A few of the pieces feature hints of asymmetry, which I’ve found can be harder to do deliberately than I had realized. To make a long story short, attempting to intentionally make pieces a little off-kilter has been the goal with some of my blown glass bowls. Each is still functional, features heavy bottoms and a waves or tilts to the lip or walls. And after making the first two in transparent colors, I caught the sun shining through them sitting on a windowsill–casting colorful shadows. I’m attempting to capture those shadows more permanently through crochet.

“Colorful Shadows: Golden Shells” uses glass frit and powder and the Fibre Company’s Savannah in marigold which I picked up on my last Yarn Crawl stop to Fibre Space.

On that same stop, I also picked up a merino/silk worsted in graphite by Skein which makes a great shadow for my powder white bowl in “Colorful Shadows: White Cloud.”

And that yummy azul wool makes another appearance accompanying a stunning transparent blue frit for “Colorful Shadows: Brilliant Blue Sky.”

I head back to the tree theme for my final pieces. The last last few seasons have seemed especially hard for the trees in and around our neighborhood. We’ve had a mix of extreme rain, heavy snow, high winds and dry conditions that just seemed to wreck havoc. Many grand trees have toppled leaving stumps and branches reaching for the sky. The bark, the limbs, the roots and other pieces dot the forest floor. And lend inspiration to my “Nature Reaching” series. These each feature some combination of glass, crochet, needle felting and/or wool roving.

{“Beginnings” and “Big Tree” from my Nature Reaching Series}

{Aspen, Nature Reaching Series}

Two more crochet rounds in marigold and azul accent the series.

I don’t know that it was mini, but that’s the virtual tour! If you’re interested in more, I’ll be hanging out amongst my work on Saturday from 7:00-8:00 pm on 2nd floor, NW corner office, Space 120 at Artomatic in Crystal City, Va. And I’ll be taking part in the Art-to-Go Marketplace from 1:00 to 6:00 pm earlier in the day. Hope to see you Saturday!


3 thoughts on “Artomatic: what’s on display

  1. WUNDERful (I’m sorry, that was extremely cheesy…)

    But really, your work is spectacular. The shapes that you have created with the Nature Reaching Series are just incredible. The colours in the Aspen are really beautiful 🙂

    I just love the way that you have combined glass with yarn. Really amazing!

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