Enthusiasm is infectious, isn’t it?

In a break from my prep for the Ballston Arts & Craft Market and Artomatic, I took a break two weekends ago for some much needed shopping. I was without a car for the weekend, so I set out on my motorcycle on a lovely spring day. I snagged some new work clothes and a pair of shoes, picked up the film photos from our trip last month to San Francisco and made a stop at the craft store for some essentials (including a 14″ quilt hoop) before hitting a yarn store that I hadn’t made it to during the Metro Yarn Crawl. The amount I was able to haul home on two wheels was either impressive or appalling–you be the judge…

Stretching my trip to include The Knitting Boutique in Glen Burnie, Md., was probably one stop too many because the storm that had been threatening all afternoon made itself known and I got soaked. But for once, I really didn’t mind–I’ll blame the enthusiasm.

Just after pulling into the parking lot in front of the boutique, I was greeted excitedly outside with a request to take my picture–turns out I was the first “biker” to visit. And as the sky was darkening as I prepared to leave, I was entrusted to “protect the yarn” from impending rain. Thankfully, my tank bag did indeed protect the yarn and the sun was again making an appearance by the time I pulled into the driveway at home.

I got to winding the skein of Malabrigo Worsted in a bright aqua called Tuareg and had immediate plans for Jupiter Moon Chadwick yarn in “Clean Sheet.”

Enthusiasm is infectious.


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