Ready, Set, Go

When I get super busy, I tend to get quiet. Head down, go, go, get it done furious focus, quiet. Okay there are occasional bursts of loud too–most often when I trip over something. I feel like it’s been a head down, focused kind of few weeks, but there’s light–and awesomeness–on the horizon.

This Saturday I’m headed to Arlington with a tent and blown glass for  opening day for the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market. This one is a personal favorite as both a participant and a shopper so I’m excited for Saturday. I have some more signage to figure out and lots of packing to do, but that’s what tomorrow’s for right?

The market runs from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in Welburn Square (The Ballston Circle) at 901 North Taylor Street between North Stuart & North 9th Streets in Arlington. You’ll find me at booth number 13. Hope to see you Saturday!

This weekend also marks the installation deadline for Artomatic–DC’s biggest creative event. I’m taking part for the first time and have a ten-foot wall on the second floor to transform into a month-long home for my work. I’ve got painting yet to do, then it’s on to shelving, signage and placement. My glass pieces are complete (although I’m still debating which ones to include), but I’m hoping to combine them with fiber–a work still in progress. Here’s a peak at a few elements I hope to combine:


I wouldn’t be surprised if you spot me crocheting at the market on Saturday.

Beyond this weekend, the fun continues because starting May 18 there will be 11 floors of art from all mediums to explore in Crystal City, Va. (and admission is free!).


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