I’ll admit, my phone or point and shoot digital camera are my daily go-tos for photos. But I still have a thing for film. So, last month when we were searching out something good for dinner in San Francisco, I couldn’t resist the unexpected glow of the Lomography store.

I have a Holga, but getting the medium format film processed is getting harder and harder. I saw the mini Diana (which takes 35mm film) amongst a candy-colored assortment of fisheye, spinners and other fun and couldn’t resist.

And we had a few more hours in San Francisco before heading home the next day.

{double exposure}

{all aboard}


And I finished out the roll around town back home.


{sculpture spotting}


4 thoughts on “film

  1. that store looks beautiful! as do ur pictures 🙂 yeah shooting medium format can be a bit of a pain – luckily there’s a lab that does 120 film pretty well.. and i do my own b/w.. but yeah, the diana mini is a good choice. im gonna try fitting 35mm film into my diana f+ without the adapter..there are a couple of tricks.. see how that works! 😀 keep shooting! 😉

  2. Fabulous pictures 🙂 I inherited my dad’s old Pentax camera.. I’ve taken it out a few times and hope to go out again soon to take more pictures I just love the colour quality with film. Can’t wait to see more of your pictures!

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