not according to plan

A few weeks ago a picked up a lovely shade of variegated yarn with the intention of crocheting my first shawl. Pattern reading is something that’s still a challenge for me, so I was happy to find one in a book from the library that seemed pretty straight forward. I set out on train rides and down time to get to work. As I reached the end of the first skein of yarn, I came to some realizations.

My choice of yarn was probably not the best for a shawl. While the color is lovely and the texture soft, the thread itself is a too thick for what I had envisioned–it just doesn’t scream shawl to me. Second, I have some work yet to do on my pattern reading. What I’ve made so far just doesn’t look like the picture. While the thickness of my yarn has something to do with it, I think I’m also using a half double crochet in places where I should be doing a double. At the end of the next row I’ll be wrapping this one up. While a shawl was the plan, I think I’ve got myself a nice scarf instead.

Alas, off-plan isn’t always salvageable. I’m working on a few “seasons of trees” in glass for my display at the upcoming Artomatic. By Saturday I had just a few pieces left to make so I set out with a plan for tree trunks and tops. It was one of those days where it took three tries to get something just right.  This was one attempt that went very wrong at the very end…

Luckily, a later attempt was successful, so I’m calling myself done with trees for this show. Pictures of my little forest coming soon! And you’ll be able to check them out in person May 18-June 23 in Crystal City, Va.


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