a craftacular weekend

Craftacular” is the word I use to describe something filled with crafty goodness. This weekend qualifies. Saturday was the first day of the week-long Metro Yarn Crawl. I doubt I’ll make it to more than a handful of yarn shops during the crawl, but I was glad to kick it off with a stop at my local yarn store on the way to the glass studio yesterday. It seemed fitting to ride my scooter there.

My favorite find so far is a yummy orange sherbety color yarn in superwash wool. I tested it out today with some flowers–and think it will do nicely with the others.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent at the DC GlassWorks Open House. It’s always fun to watch the studio artists at work and talk with those visiting about the process. The theme for our demonstrations was “spring,” so I set to making a ruffly petal top bowl in green and violet (I haven’t been by yet to see how it turned out).

After some final packing last night, this morning I set out early across the  Potomac River for Richmond and the Spring Bada-Bing craft show.

The Richmond Craft Mafia does a super job organizing the show and my fellow vendors and the visitors were awesome! I enjoyed talking with folks and sharing my glass. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and helped to make the show so much fun.

To round out the craftacular weekend, I got some crochet time in with this great variegated yarn on my first shawl project (pics a little later this week).

I have some unpacking to do, but am looking forward to my next craftacular weekend. I’m sure May 12 with the first Ballston Arts & Crafts Market of the season will be one–perhaps I can squeeze at least one more in sooner though. How about you?


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