Hello Virginia!

Nothing is better than sharing my glass with others–and when I get to do it in person, it’s two times the fun. So I’m super excited to be headed to Virginia in the months ahead to do just that!

On Sunday, April 15 I’ll be in Richmond as part of Spring Bada-Bing (the BOSS of all craft shows) hosted by the Richmond Craft Mafia. The show runs from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm at Planet Zero. Sixty super-fabulous handmade artists and crafters will be on hand to share their amazing work–I’m gonna bring my wallet along with a car-load of blown glass.

And to round out the upcoming Virginia awesomeness, I’m excited to be a part of the 2012 Ballston Arts & Crafts Market! It’s safe to say this is a personal favorite. The market takes place second Saturdays May through October in Welburn Square at the Ballston Metro in Arlington, Va.

Wunder Around will be setting up shop at the May 12 and September 8 markets. And I’m sure I’ll be shopping on some other Saturdays!

But first, I’m headed to the glass studio to make some new paperweights to share at upcoming shows–drinking glasses and mini bowls will be up next. What colors to make, that is the question! What combinations or patterns would you like to see?

Update: Even more craftiness ahead!


3 thoughts on “Hello Virginia!

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