time lapse

Thursday was the last in an eight-week series of classes I’ve been taking in relief printing. I needed to travel a mile and a half  to get there each week and decided by foot was the best route. My first class was January 26. It was dark and rather cold. While the streets themselves were crowded with cars rushing home, the sidewalks were eerily empty in the more touristy part of downtown Washington, DC found between the White House and the Smithsonian Castle.

With minor deviation, I traveled the same route each week; walking the city alone on quiet nights, and then watching it come awake with spring’s rapid approach. By March 15, the sidewalks were teaming with joggers, tourists and the occasional bicyclist. We’d changed our clocks and the twilight had given way to sunshine. And the cold weather had sprung forward to nearly 80 degrees. Washington in bloom.

{from left to right: weekly within the same half hour, January 26 to March 15}


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