Knit and Crochet Design Week: Day 6, What’s Next

It took an extra day, but the crochet portion of my Knit and Crochet Design Week project is complete(ish)! Today I sat down to round out one side of my “meadow” base, make my path and a create a few extra bits. Our gray morning weather had given way to another beautiful spring day, so I soon decided to take everything outside and bask in the sunshine along with my four-footed friends.

I’d had success with adding/subtracting stitches and adding a few extra big ones to one side when making my base, so I did pretty much the same (on a smaller scale for my path). That came together relatively quickly, so I soon turned to making a few extras. To break up the sea of green, I crocheted some rounds in gray for some rock-like formations and used another shade of green yarn from a previous project to make some patches of mossy like stuff to scatter around. Some internal deliberations over where best to put the path and my meadow was taking shape.

My meadow base is about 22 inches between the tallest points and just over 12 inches wide across the middle. Time to add some trees!

Here’s where the “complete(ish)” and what’s next portion of the project comes in. I’ve got three blown glass trees in mind for my meadow–they’re the smaller of the half dozen or so I’ve made and will have a dark brown base. At this stage I have one complete and portions finished for two others. Since tree-size may vary, I’m waiting until the remaining trees are finished to attach my “rocks and moss.” At the moment I’m thinking two trees will go on one side of the path, with one on the other. Here’s a peak at the scene with some visiting trees.

Trees for my “meadow” are on the to do list for my next visit to the glassblowing studio. And I have some thoughts on the tree front for other “seasons” and types of trees, so more crochet for them may be in my future. I’ll share results and updates along the way.

In the meantime, many thanks to Stacey Trock of FreshStitches Amigurumi for organizing Knit and Crochet Design Week. Having daily themes, seeing what everyone else was up to, getting a peak into their design process and receiving feedback on my own project was great encouragement to get things done. Check out Stacey’s wrap up post to meet her awesome crochet platypus and see what others have been designing this week!


3 thoughts on “Knit and Crochet Design Week: Day 6, What’s Next

  1. Your design is so cool! 🙂 I love the trees.. The path looks amazing.. and the little mossy patches and rocks are just awesome. It’s all in the details, right? 🙂

    Can’t wait to see it when you’ve got the rest of the trees.

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