Knit and Crochet Design Week: Day 3, Yarn

I took advantage of today’s gorgeous warm weather for a nice long walk to prep for day three of Knit and Crochet Design Week–yarn!

I set out for a (new to me) store in search of green and brown yarn to create a crocheted “meadow” for my blown glass trees. I made a list before I left with some thoughts on the type of colors/textures I’d be looking for to help ensure that I did not bring home more than I needed. I did a lap of the store to take in all my options, then settled in for some decision making.

I’m just discovering the world of yarn that includes language like worsted and fingering weight, so I still lead with color and texture as deciding factors in my selection. I liked the look of a super chunky green, but realized that it would probably be way too thick for this project–my meadow is supposed to compliment rather than dominate. After much internal debate over three other greens, I went with a Berroco brand Blackstone Tweed in clover. I’ve used this brand of yarn before and liked it. I really like this shade of green and I think the little hints of other colors will add interest.

While I thought I’d go for a nice, unassuming tan yarn for my pathway through the meadow, there was one skein on the shelf that screamed out to me–the color and texture were just too luscious to resist. It’s a kettle dyed, 100% merion wool in french Press by MANOS del Uruguay. (and it looks so much yummier than in the picture below)

I love the variegation in the color and how much the texture lives up to its online description–“super soft and squishy.” If all goes well, I’ll use a soft gray yarn left over from an earlier project for my rocks.

Time to get making!


2 thoughts on “Knit and Crochet Design Week: Day 3, Yarn

  1. The weather has continued to be awesome–I got to crochet outside today! And, after working with it, I’m still in love with the MANOS del Uruguay yarn–but it would make a great cowl wrap 🙂

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