Knit and Crochet Design Week: Day 2, Techniques

It’s day two of Knit and Crochet Design Week, so it’s time to give some thought to how to make my rough sketch of a “meadow” happen. I’d like my grassy like surface to have some texture, but not so much that it’s taken for shag carpeting. I spent some time cruising the Internet for inspiration and found a few things I like. There’s a “crazy crazy zauberball crochet scarf” on a local yarn store’s website that looks intriguing. It looks like it uses granny squares—something I know how to do, but hadn’t considered—although I don’t want my nature scene to look too ordered.

There’s also a crochet “puff” stitch that I haven’t yet tried, but might be interesting (with a video tutorial available from Crochet Geek)—as long as it’s not too puffy. And since I want my edging to be at least a bit irregular, I’m keeping these directions for a bobble-shell edging in mind (love the Attic24 blog tutorials!).

While I have some great green yarns left over from some previous projects, none are enough to tackle this one entirely, so I’ll be headed to the yarn store. What I come home with will definitely help me decide which kind of stitch(es) I want to use.

Another major thing for me to keep in mind is scale. While I have at least a half dozen “trees” completed, I’m eyeing up three in particular for this project. Of these, my only complete tree  is just over 12 inches high–and I’ll need to keep that in mind when crocheting my base. Perhaps I’ll think in terms of an inch of glass tree equaling a foot of real tree and go from there…


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