what i’m working on

For the past few years, this has been one of my busiest times of year–a little something I seem to forget until one day I look up and realize March is marching on.

February is a blur and, before I lose too much of this month, I’m trying to make sure I take time to stop, look around and stretch (literally).

I’m a serial learner, so that means I couldn’t resist signing up for a new class to top things off. Last year I gave screen printing a try–this time around I’m trying relief printing. That’s meant transferring ideas from 2D to a linoleum or wood block…

Image transfer to block by Wunder Around

…and carving away to create a printing surface.


…and carving away some more after a test print.

Urban Commuter Wood cut by Wunder Around

In the glass studio, I have my first multi-piece glass sculpture underway. Here’s a peek…

blown glass sculpture in progress by Wunder Around

And during the day, I’m making an effort to take an extra walk to clear my head and soak up the world around me. From city scapes…


…to signs of spring…

willows in spring

 What are you working on?


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