glass and fiber

I love texture. So often when I see something gorgeous, I just want to touch it. I think that’s why lately I’ve been combining soft wools and other fiber with my blown glass. It all just begs to be touched–and I don’t have to resist!

My first four glass and fiber pieces are currently on display in The Gallery Walk at Reagan National Airport as part of the Pushing Process exhibit by DC GlassWorks and Washington Printmakers Gallery. They’re behind glass at the moment, but at least I got to touch them first!

Walk on the Beach, Please Touch Series. Crochet and Blown Glass.

Sunrise on the Beach, Please Touch Series. Crochet and Blown Glass.

Big Tree, Nature Reaching Series. Crochet, Needle Felting and Blown Glass.

Beginnings, Nature Reaching Series. Crochet, Roving and Blown Glass.


3 thoughts on “glass and fiber

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