one week…

…three Art-o-mats.

When Hello Etsy came to DC last month, I visited the Smithsonian American Art Museum for the first time–and discovered my first Art-o-mat. I found out about these cool repurposed cigarette vending machines a bit ago and, at the time, Cumberland, Maryland was the closest one to me. We’d been saying off and on that we should head to Western Maryland and make a stop for some vendable art, but our travels hadn’t yet taken us there.

Then, when checking the route to an afternoon crafty business session for Hello Etsy DC, I spotted one in DC!

Before the day was done, I’d pulled the knob and made my first purchased. Nestled inside the little 2×3 white box was an “itiswhatitis” handmade by Omaha, Nebraska artist Gerry Klein.

Since I obviously like glass, this colorful piece of fused glass was a great first purchase!

This was on a Sunday. By Friday, I’d made it to my next Art-o-mat.

A road trip to Columbus for the Scoot-A-Que scooter rally took us through Cumberland, Maryland. A stop was irresistible. This machine was nestled among some outstanding local art on display at the Allegany Arts Council’s Saville Gallery.

A pull of the knob here gave me a 2×3 piece of art directly on wood. A Japanese Calligraphy and Sumi-e Painting by Yoshiko Moon.

A lovely little piece to kick off a mini break. After a stop for lunch and a stroll through some locally owned shops, we continued on the road.

The next day, in the midst of rally goings, we had time for a jaunt to Ursus Art Space in Columbus (Upper Arlington). My third Art-o-mat of the week!

A pull of the knob here returned another little white box–this time with a Beaded Copper Web made from salvaged and new copper and upcycled beads courtesy of Plain and Practical.

Each piece of original handmade goodness cost just $5, half of which goes to the artist with the other half supporting the Art-o-mat project, host venue and/or charity.

Seven days. Three Art-o-mats. “Don’t go round artless” indeed. I’m already checking for future roadtrip opportunities.


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