warning: craftacular weekend ahead

I’m not a coffee drinker, but somehow this bit of packaging seems appropriate for the weekend ahead. Friday night is class three for me and pottery. I threw my first bowls last week, and this week I’ll learn to trim before they get a first fire in the kiln. Glazing can’t be far behind!

On Saturday, I’ll be unpacking a few suitcases of bubble wrap and blown glass for Fenton Street Market in Silver Spring. It’s my second and last trip there as a vendor for the season–I’m hoping to get to do a bit of shopping when I’m not minding the Wunder Around booth. If you’re strolling through, please stop by to say hi.

And on Sunday, you’ll find me at the Etsy CREST table with one of my favorite incalmo pieces for Hello Etsy DC at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. There are some great speakers lined up–can’t wait to be a part of the multi-city craft-a-poolza.

It’s only Tuesday, but I’m already stocking up on my diet coke, painters tape, colored pencils & awesome for the weekend ahead!


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