the destination

So the purpose of my long and winding motorcycle trip to Corning, New York was glassblowing. I had the pleasure of spending six days in class at The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass. If you like glass, there’s really no better place to be–a museum devoted to glass is at your doorstep and first-class facilities are yours to enjoy.

On a lucky week at home I spend seven hours over two days in the glassblowing studio–I surpassed that in one day at Corning. And it was fabulous.

Class ran from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Saturday, with the studio open until 11:00 pm weeknights for additional practice time. My class was called “Tricks and Techniques” and it lived up to its name. Led by David McDermott with teaching assistant Isabel Green, we learned “new” (and centuries old) methods to use original heat from the furnace to blow out a piece, make the transfer off the blowpipe, create feet, and much more.

{David adds a handle to a tiny blown glass pitcher}

We made bowls and vases and stemware and pitchers. And then there were feet…and handles…flat, curvy, wavy, textured, solid, two-part, three-part…aplenty.

I took notes as fast as I could and video until I filled up my memory card–practicing and soaking it all in along the way. The week that I’d been anticipating for more than three months was over before I knew it. And it left me hungry for more.


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