Fun with patterns

Last week I completed another session of classes at DC Glassworks. This one was an introduction to murrine–one way to incorporate patterns or imagery into glass. As always, seeing a process from start to finish for the first time was eye opening.

The first step was to create a bar of glass. This can be clear, it can be a single color or many–the possibilities are really endless.

Once your glass is shaped and evenly heated through, it’s time to pull and anneal it.

This gives you a bar of color. The one below is three colors sandwiched together.

This one is three colors encased in clear.

Once you’ve sliced your murrine bar, it’s time to assemble. Again, the possibilities are endless. I used the murrine above in my first piece–which was rolled up on a collar of clear glass.

To make even more intricate patterns, you can bundle canes or murrine together and heat, shape and pull them to form new murrine.

The cluster in the bottom right of this picture became the murrine below.

I used slices from this bundled murrine along with clear picked up on a collar. It became my favorite finished pieces so far.

The process is many stepped and time consuming, but it opens up a whole new world of possibility.


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