salad (table) day

Last year we saw a salad table in a demonstration garden on the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. As one who hates weeding and is learning to like more and more vegetables, this seemed like a really good idea. We’ve been talking about making one of our own ever since and decided today was the day to make it happen.

Armed with plans available on the University of Maryland Extension service website, we set out for supplies and got assembling.

{12 foot pieces of wood would not fit in our car, so letting the pros do the cutting was a really good idea. much faster too.}

{frame assembled}

{window screen base stapled on}

{layer of hardware cloth attached}

{legs attached}

{supervisor dog looks on}

{an extra brace on each end and we’re ready to plant}

{mixing the soil-less mix}

{fill her up!}

{tuck in some veggies and give them a drink}

So far we have peppers, squash, cucumber, oregano and basil. We’re thinking lettuce and spinach will go nicely in the last space. Tomorrow is another day.


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