inspiration: dream

Last week I challenged myself to craft something new each week using inspiration that I pulled from a bowl. My first week of crafty inspiration came from the word “dream.”

I dream often of road trips. What I’d see, what I’d eat, how I’d get there, where I’d go from there. Our car was in need of a new mileage log book–and filling the tank is a great time to remember to explore something new–so I upcycled us a new book.

The imagery on the cover is cut from an old atlas. Acadia National Park is on the short list of places we want to see one day, so it’s front and center. The interior is printed on some long-abandoned tractor-feed paper

And the front and back covers and glow-in-the-dark (yes, glow-in-the-dark) spiral binding are salvaged from some old lesson plans. Functional and fun.

Since it’s Sunday again already, I went ahead and pulled a new slip from the bowl while the cover on this week’s project was drying. Next up, inspiration “sun.”

Feel free to play along–I’d love to see what you create. Time to get crafty!


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