craft time

As a rule, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, however, the start of a new year is a good time to set some crafty goals. Back when I was rocking my craftiness for all things scooters, there was a weekly creative challenge in the Etsy forum that inspired me to make all kinds of new things–many of which also became popular items in my shop.

Now, thinking of new things to make in glass isn’t much of a problem, but I’ve been neglecting my other crafty pursuits a bit. To help kick things into gear, I created a list of just over 52 words/phrases and wrote each on its own slip of paper.

Each week I’m going to pull one out and make a new crafty bit of goodness inspired by it. I’ve amassed quite the surplus of supplies over the years, so I’m also going to see how far I can get without buying something new to aid in the creation. I’ll post each week’s results here. You’re welcome to play along!

Here’s the inspiration for week one:


It seems rather appropriate. Time to get crafty!


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