basic shapes

A friend became a first-time homeowner last week and I thought it would be fun to make her a set of glasses as a housewarming gift. A mix of colors seemed like a good idea, all I’d need to do was get them about the same size/shape, right? Easier said than done for this relative glassblowing newbie!

The cylinder is one of the first shapes you learn in glassblowing–so many other shapes get there start here. Over the past year I’ve made a few glasses with specific people/uses in mind that have turned out well. However, this was the first time I’ve set out to make four glasses of about the same shape and size. Using different colors for each stepped the challenge level up a tad since each color acts a little differently.

The results so far aren’t quite as far off as the first picture looks (I had them sitting on a piece of white foamcore that was a bit bendy), but I don’t yet have a complete set of four! I made two more glasses last night and am hopeful that my set will soon be complete. I’ll keep you posted!


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