hey, that’s me!

When you’re in the midst of glassblowing, it’s nearly impossible to stop and grab a picture. One of the first things you learn is to always keep your pipe rotating and your piece on center. And when you’re not the lead blower (gaffer), there’s generally work to do assisting someone else or something fascinating happening on the bench next that you just have to see.

The result, no pictures of myself actually blowing glass and very few of others at work. Saturday, my partner was kind enough to take a few pictures of me in action–and I returned the favor.

At the glory hole (yes, that's what it is called) melting my color into the second clear glass gather. This furnace is at about 1,000 degrees.

Using tweezers to pull the end of the glass.

Using diamond shears to twist the glass.

At the marver, cooling the shoulders of the piece.

At the marver, blowing out the piece before putting in a jack line.

Pictures of the end result coming soon! Anyone want to guess what color this actually is?


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