Mad About Moss: Part Three

I blame Ott’s for my official slide into moss obsession. Sure I’d looked at moss terrariums (complete and make your own sets), but I hadn’t yet added one to the plant collection. Until I went to Ott’s.

I’ve been married for almost seven years and making the trek to my husband’s hometown near Allentown, Pa., for almost ten. Yet it wasn’t until Thanksgiving 2009 that I passed this gem in Schwenksville, Pa. We had taken yet another back road to avoid the holiday traffic when I saw this magnificent greenhouse for the first time. “What is it” and “why have I never been there before,” I asked.

A day later I was inside! Imagine visiting a botanical garden and having the option of buying anything you see–that’s Ott’s–and that’s awesome!!

Ott's InteriorI’m not a plant aficionado, but I know what I like and, alas, what I just don’t have the room or growing conditions for. When I saw glass jars of all shapes and sizes and a handy “how to make your own terrarium” tips sheet, I just couldn’t resist. I’ll share more on the results next. In the meantime, pack a lunch, grab your wallet and head to Ott’s Exotic Plants. I couldn’t find a Web site, but a quick Google search will get you the important details (including 901 Gravel Pike, Route 29 & Ott Road, Schwenksville, PA 19473.


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